Merit V.S Mercy – from a sermon given by David Pawson

這是從五月底看的一篇網路講道中,覺得特別值得筆記下來的一段。Pastor Pawson用馬太福音(Matthew) 20:1~16的經文,說明Merit和Mercy的同與異。

  • Mercy is not opposite to justice. They walks down the same road, but mercy goes further. Justice gives you what you deserve, and that’s all, no more. Mercy gives you what you deserve, and also what you don’t deserve.
  • The person who exercises mercy has the right to choose who he gives it to.

在上述兩個前提之下,他引用聖經說明How does God choose those who get mercy?

  1. God gives His mercy to those who ask for it. 路加福音(Luke)18:9~13
  2. Not only ask for it, but pass it onto others. 馬太福音(Matthew)18:23~35
  3. People who receive God’s mercy who don’t exploit it, who don’t assume it, who don’t take advantage of it.


David Pawson牧師在今年五月21日回天家,與Ravi Zacharias牧師相隔兩天(五月19日)。他們在推動全球福音傳播上有著卓越和偉大的貢獻,相信他們在主面前必能得到這句:Well done, good and faithful servant!


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