A Perfect Storm

It’s a very struggling two-week from the end of June to the mid of July. Personally I got injured and couldn’t walk properly for a while; professionally, I had three interviews from two different companies and failed. At the same time, I was pressured by a family member that I need to have a job, and that literally pushed me into a pit of despair. It then led to another two weeks full of tension and stress between different family members. I acted and spoke defensively, and sank into a very narrow and constrained thinking pattern, and that ultimately led to a downward spiral and made my days more miserable.

Then something amazing happened!! First I found Tal Ben-Shahar’s videos online about Positive Psychology and from it I learnt to see things and people with different perspective and interpretations. And there are so much more practical knowledge and skills that are worth to try and apply in the daily life. The tension among the family eased and I was slowly back to think and act in a healthier manner towards my family members.

Then, the forth and fifth interviews came and I got an offer! I was especially grateful after learning it’s not the original position I applied for, but a new position created and customized based on my skillset and potentiality!! I feel so excited to have a job after leaving the last one, because that means I’ll be able to cover the necessary expenses for myself, my pet, and to contribute to my family once again!

I believe it’s a beautiful intervention and blessing from God, because it just happened in a perfect timing!! The videos from Tal Ben-Shahar helped me to think and see things in a more positive way, and the job offer and the busy work successfully shifted my focus from the family tension to the tasks and challenges in work!! The result of these two combined helped me to have an upward and healthier thinking patten!!

I am very grateful for those two struggling weeks, because looking back, I realized it’s a perfect storm at that time and it taught me many valuable lessons. From the many conversations with different family members, close friends, and ex-coworkers, I see my weaknesses that need to be improved and the strength I demonstrate in their eyes. I cherish all the feedback received/ reflected from this period of time and I believe I can certainly become a better and happier person from it!!

If you have time, please check the videos/ blogs/ books/ articles from Tal Ben-Shaha (Permission to be Human is one of the key points that touched my heart strongly!!) and Sonja Lyubomirsky; or Shawn Achor, who has worked closely with Tal Ben-Shaha in Harvard University. Here’s a link of Shawn’s share on TedTalk, I hope you enjoy it as I always do, no matter how many times of watching it.



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